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  • Allocatus - A software application that integrates Microsoft Project with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus

  • Experience in Software - Veteran in the field of business productivity software, their award-winning applications include Project KickStart and Webplanner. Project KickStart is a fast, easy way to plan and schedule projects. It helps you think through all aspects of a project before you begin. Define project phases. Clarify your goals. Anticipate obstacles. Establish tasks. Delegate assignments. Set due dates. Check off tasks when they're done. Hot-link to WBS Chart Pro, as well as to Microsoft Project, Outlook, Word, and Excel. It can also take a WBS outline from WBS Chart Pro and generate a Project KickStart project. Webplanner builds on Project KickStart's tried-and-true foundation and sends it to the cloud for a collaborative Web 2.0 twist. Sign in from anywhere to log and track progress, comment on tasks, upload files, and more. Features the most user-friendly click-and-drag Gantt chart around. Free trial at webplanner.com

  • Intaver Institute Inc. -  Makes RiskyProject software. RiskyProject is a project planning, quantitative risk analysis, performance measurement software that project managers can use to plan and implement project with multiple risks and uncertainties. RiskyProject analyzes the project schedule and risk lists together, calculates the chance that the project will be completed within a given period of time and budget, and presents the user with results in formats that are easy to read and understand. RiskyProject employs Event Chain Methodology to analyze project uncertainties defined by multiple risks (events). RiskyProject also integrates with WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT to produce charts from the RiskyProject data with the click of a button. 

  • JADCore - An international facilitation services and facilitation training corporation with headquarters in Irving, Texas. JADCore specializes in Joint Application Design (JAD) Facilitation workshops for all projects and all industries, and provides facilitation training to those interested in learning how to facilitate. JADCore uses the WBS Chart Pro software in many of its workshops to build work break down structures interactively with workshop participants. The intuitive, graphical interface of WBS Chart Pro allows workshop participants to create their initial WBS for their entire project in less than a day.

  • KIDASA Software, Inc. - Markets Milestones Professional, an easy to use product that makes it easy to put together project schedules. Milestones Professional produces outlines which can be used to generate work breakdown structures with WBS Chart Pro. It can also take a WBS outline from WBS Chart Pro and generate a multilevel project outline.

  • PM Connect - A worldwide project management consulting, training, and software development company. Founded in San Diego in 1985, PM Connect is currently headquartered in Monterey, California.

  • Project Direct, Inc. - (PDI) is a project management performance consulting firm, providing project management and project management software corporate training. PDI also offers workshop materials for those companies or individuals or distributors who wish to conduct their own project management training.

  • ProjectPro Corp. - Specializes in Microsoft Project and Project Server training. The training is provided in onsite or public courses and delivered as e-learning or traditional classes. ProjectPro will customize the onsite training to your organization.

  • The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO (Book) - This book covers the step-by-step process of building, implementing and running a new or existing PMO. The Tactical Guide for Building a PMO will provide PMO Managers with the knowledge and skills to develop, refine, and enhance their Project Management Office (PMO). PMOs have been around for many years however, PMO Managers have very few resources to draw from to help them be successful.

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