What's New in WBS Schedule Pro?

For those familiar with our old WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT software, below is a list of what's new in WBS Schedule Pro. For a list of what has been added and fixed in WBS Schedule Pro since its debut, see Update History

Combined WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT

All features* from WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT have been combined into the new WBS Schedule Pro software. In many cases your favorite features of the old software are now quicker to find and use. We have enhanced many of the standard features and added many new features which are described below.

*Headers and Footers are done differently (better) in WBS Schedule Pro. This means that the WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT Page Layouts are not transferred but can be easily re-created in WBS Schedule Pro.

Gantt Charts!

Now in WBS Schedule Pro 5.1 is an all new Gantt Chart feature. Plan, manage and display your projects in an easy-to-use Gantt Chart. See Gantt Charts

Task Sheets

You can now Create, Edit and Manage your project data in a spreadsheet-style view called a Task Sheet. See Task Sheets

New User Interface, Menus, Panes and Right Click Features

WBS Schedule Pro contains an all new user interface complete with dockable Panes, a new Ribbon instead of a Toolbar and many Right-Click options for quick access to features.

Text Boxes

Annotate your WBS and Network Charts with Free-Form Text Boxes that you can place anywhere in the Chart. Add a Text Box to a specific location on the chart, Link it to a Task so it moves with that Task or use the Text Box to surround a set of Tasks to visually "group" them. See Text Boxes


The Notes field is now supported. Create extensive Notes for a Task using the convenient Notes Pane. You can also display the Notes from your Microsoft Project plans and print them in ways that are not available when printing Notes from Microsoft Project. Hint: Multiple Lines of Notes are supported when displaying and when printing. See Notes

WBS Dictionary

WBS Schedule Pro contains a WBS Dictionary Export to Microsoft Word. Use one of the pre-defined templates, modify one of these or create your own template to export exactly what you need to see in your WBS Dictionary Document. See WBS Dictionary

Export to Excel

WBS Schedule Pro contains an easy-to-use Excel Wizard that makes exporting your projects to an Excel Spreadsheet effortless. Click the Excel Button in WBS Schedule Pro, choose the fields you wish to export and you are on your way. See Export to Excel

Import from Excel

WBS Schedule Pro can be installed as an Add-In to Excel to allow for the creation of WBS Schedule Pro plans from data stored in an Excel Spreadsheet. This feature is not only useful for creating projects but can be used to create a visual breakdown of many different types of hierarchical data. See Import from Excel

Multiple Hierarchies

The new "Grouping" feature allows you to create a different breakdown or alternate hierarchy of your project data. Create a breakdown by Resources, Custom WBS codes and even Text Fields to create a breakdown of anything you want. See Grouping

Linking Tasks

Linking Tasks (creating dependencies) can be done in a WBS Chart, Network Chart or Task Sheet. New buttons on the Ribbon have been added to simplify this process. A unique way to Link tasks is now included which allows you to select multiple tasks and have all selected tasks link to a single task or have a single task link to multiple selected tasks.

Multiple Task Editing

You can now select multiple tasks and edit all tasks at once. The Task Information form converts into a Multiple Task Edit form when many tasks are selected allowing you to change a common field for all.

Combine Border Styles

You can now select to have different box styles based on more than one criteria. For example, you may want to display Critical and Non-Critical Tasks with red and blue shadows but Fill the interior of the Task Boxes with colors based on a Flag Field or the Progress of a task.

XML File Format Support

Exchange data with other Project Management applications using the popular Microsoft Project-based XML File Format. Save WBS Schedule Pro plans and open these in your favorite Project Management Software or Open projects you've created in another system in WBS Schedule Pro. See XML

Headers and Footers

A new, easier way to create Headers and Footers in WBS and Network Charts has been added. Other Printing improvements have been added such as a new Print Preview page that shows all pages plus additional Chart, Legend and Printing options to make your printouts better than ever.

Copy Picture

The New Copy Picture command saves images to a higher quality, scalable image that is better suited to pasting into other applications than if you saved the image to a .jpg or .png file. You can also save your charts to a similar quality image using the Save As Picture - *.emf file.

New Editing Features

WBS Schedule Pro contains many new editing features that make creating and managing projects a more productive experience. We've added Drop-Down Date Pickers, Unlimited Color Pickers, Value Lists for selected fields, A Spell Checker, Customizable Fields and Right-Click options for popular operations to name a few...