WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version)

WBS Charts Only

A Lower Cost Alternative to WBS Schedule Pro

WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) is the same software as WBS Schedule Pro with the same overall features and the same user interface. The only difference is that the Network Chart and Gantt Chart features have been disabled. If you only need to plan and manage your projects using WBS Charts then this is a great low price alternative to the complete WBS Schedule Pro package.

If you are a former WBS Chart Pro* user looking for a direct upgrade or simply do not have a need for Network Charts or Gantt Charts then this product is for you.

*WBS Chart Pro

WBS Chart Pro was our flagship product for over 20 years. In 2014, WBS Chart Pro was combined with our other former product, PERT Chart EXPERT, to produce the all new WBS Schedule Pro software. Subsequently, the WBS Chart Pro software was retired and is no longer available.

WBS Chart Pro users - The WBS Chart Pro features you have become accustomed to plus much more are now a part of WBS Schedule Pro!

WBS Chart Pro user or New user - Choose a version that meets your needs:

WBS Schedule Pro - This software combines WBS Charts, Network Charts and Gantt Charts to form a more complete project planning tool.

WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) - To meet the needs of users only wishing to use WBS Charts, we have created the WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) software. This special version contains everything in WBS Schedule Pro except for Network Charts and Gantt Charts.

Upgrading from WBS Chart Pro to WBS Schedule Pro

Current WBS Chart Pro users can upgrade to WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) or to WBS Schedule Pro. Special upgrade pricing is available for existing WBS Chart Pro users. See the Price and Ordering Information page for details.

Want to see more?

Go to the WBS Schedule Pro page to see all of the great features of this new software including the new Task Sheet, Free Form Text Boxes, Support for the Notes field, Importing and Exporting to Excel, exporting to a WBS Dictionary and more!

Download a demo version of WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) and see for yourself. Or, why not try WBS Schedule Pro to see how easy it is to use a WBS Chart with a Network Chart to create your next schedule.