Licensing Information

Purchase Code

Upon your purchase of WBS Schedule Pro, WBS Schedule Pro (WBS Version) or WBS Schedule Pro (PERT Version) you are sent a Purchase Code. This Purchase Code contains the number of licenses purchased for the specific product purchased. Use this Purchase Code to Register the software. You are prompted to Register the first time the software is run and you must Register to use the Full version.

License Type

We use Named User Licensing. This means that each user of the software must have a license. Licenses are Registered to the User and can be installed on any Windows-based system (Desktop, Laptop or Server). Upon the purchase of a license or multiple licenses, each user Registers the software by entering the Purchase Code. This utilizes the license. A Purchase Code may have multiple licenses assigned to it and each Registration of the software will deduct from the total number of licenses for that Purchase Code.

Network Server Installation

WBS Schedule Pro can be installed on a Network Server and supports this very well. Each user of the software on the Server needs a license. We do not support Concurrent or "floating" licenses. A user need only run the software on the Server and Register it using the Purchase Code. The total number of users who can Register the software on the Server is limited to how many licenses were purchased.

Transferring Licenses

WBS Schedule Pro Licenses can be transferred. To transfer a Registered license you must first "Unregister" it.

To Unregister a license, start the WBS Schedule Pro software, select the File menu and choose Unregister. Once Unregistered you can use the Purchase Code to Register another user.

Note: Uninstalling WBS Schedule Pro does not Unregister the license to make it available for future use. Be sure to Unregister before you Uninstall the software.