XML Support

Save & Open WBS Schedule Pro projects using the XML file format

WBS Schedule Pro can Save and Open files using the Microsoft Project-based XML file format. This popular format is used by many Project Management applications to exchange data using a universal text-based format. Most Project Management and Project Planning tools support this format as a way to share project data among different applications.

Save WBS Schedule Pro projects to the XML format

Use WBS Schedule Pro as a front-end planning tool for most any project management application whether it's a desktop or online system. Since it's so easy to create projects in WBS Schedule Pro it's an ideal way to populate your project management system of choice.

WBS Schedule Pro was tested with some of the top desktop, collaborative & online project management systems and what we found in many was that they tended to be great at managing project data but rather cumbersome when creating a project plan and scheduling tasks. Use WBS Schedule Pro to create new projects and the Export to these systems using the popular MS Project XML format.

Open XML files in WBS Schedule

Many Project Management tools lack the great graphic capabilities that WBS Schedule Pro offers. Use WBS Schedule Pro to create presentation-quality WBS and Network Charts by simply Saving to the XML file format and opening these in WBS Schedule Pro.



from our customers

"We needed a WBS tool to connect with the many PM software packages we support including several web-based ones. WBS Schedule Pro is the BEST tool for designing WBS's and making schedules that I have found, and I have tested a lot of tools. It is simple, practical and easy to connect to other tools. Congratulations."