Critical Tools, Inc.

Critical Tools was founded in 1991 in California as a provider of Project Management Training and Consulting, primarily for Microsoft Project. Over the next few years the idea of a better way to visualize the structure of projects as an alternative to Gantt Charts became the basis of Critical Tools' first product, WBS Chart Pro.

In 1996, Critical Tools moved to Austin, Texas and became a Texas Corporation in 1998.

WBS Chart Pro

First released in 1994, WBS Chart Pro has always been Critical Tools' flagship product and is the core of what is now WBS Schedule Pro.


Released in 1996, PERT Chart EXPERT was developed as a direct result of WBS Chart Pro users wanting a better way to produce Network Charts from their Microsoft Project plans. It is still the premier way to produce high-quality, easy to read Network Charts and is an important part of WBS Schedule Pro.

WBS Schedule Pro

In 2014, after many years of adding features to both WBS Chart Pro and PERT Chart EXPERT separately, the two were combined into one product now called WBS Schedule Pro. A new user interface and many additional features were added to make it a more complete product. And now, in 2024, after 10 years of enhancements, improvements and new features, WBS Schedule Pro is as relevant and popular as ever!


Critical Tools, Inc. is a Microsoft Certified Partner. In addition, Critical Tools has fulfilled all requirements and is active in the ISV/Software Solutions Competency of the Microsoft Certified Partner program. As part of this process, Critical Tools' software was independently tested and certified. Testing was conducted independently by VeriTest, a testing service of Lionbridge Technologies.